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What is a songwriting camp, and how is Anti Social Camp different?

A songwriting camp is typically a gathering of recording artists, songwriters and producers grouped together with the goal of creating a plethora of new songs and recordings in a short burst of time. 

Songwriting camps are typically private, exclusive affairs planned by major labels in global destinations, whether it’s a mansion in Bali or a castle in the South of France. They frequently include a dozen or so musicians with high connections, off limits to the majority of working creators. 

In contrast, Anti Social Camp is the largest songwriting camp in the world as well as a front-facing festival. It’s the “SXSW for Songwriters,” with 100+ recording sessions during the day and a packed calendar of concerts, gatherings and panels each night. Creators are selected through a judicious application process open to the public in a global event that’s completely free.