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  • What is a songwriting camp? How is Anti Social Camp different?

    A songwriting camp is typically a gathering of recording artists, songwriters and producers grouped together with the goal of creating a plethora of new songs and recordings in a short burst of time. 

    Songwriting camps are typically private, exclusive affairs planned by major labels in global destinations, whether it’s a mansion in Bali or a castle in the South of France. They frequently include a dozen or so musicians with high connections, off limits to the majority of working creators. 

    In contrast, Anti Social Camp is the largest songwriting camp in the world as well as a front-facing festival. It’s the “SXSW for Songwriters,” with 100+ recording sessions during the day and a packed calendar of concerts, gatherings and panels each night. Creators are selected through a judicious application process open to the public in a global event that’s completely free. 

  • What is Anti Social Producers Club?

    Anti Social Camp was created and organized by a collective of music producers in New York called Anti Social Producers Club. As music producers trying to survive the pandemic in 2020, ASPC provided us a forum to build community with our peers in New York. Zooming with a handful of friends turned into a collective of 75 music producers with billions of streams and dozens of Grammys. It was the first collective of its kind, uniting New Yorkers across neighborhoods and musical styles. When we’re not making records or building the camp, we’re offering feedback on new music, mentoring students, promoting financial transparency and hosting events with publishers, labels, PROs and brands.


  • How can I apply for Anti Social Camp 2024?

    You can apply here starting January 16, 2024. The application is free of charge.

  • What is the selection process?

    An impartial committee of jurors will judge your application based on the quality of music, the momentum and arc of your career, and the thoughtfulness of your answers.

  • Is the camp open to songwriters of all levels and ages?

    The camp is open to all creators ages 18+. We make an active effort to include not only established professionals well-known in the field, but also up-and-coming talent we believe in. We encourage everyone to apply.

  • How do I know if I’ve been accepted? When will I find out?

    You will be notified via email with your camp status in early March 2024.


  • When and Where is Anti Social Camp 2024?

    June 10-15, 2024 across venues and studios in New York City.

  • Are there accommodations provided for out-of-town participants?

    Sadly we’re not yet able to cover travel or accommodations. But once you arrive in New York City, Anti Social Camp is completely free to attend.

  • What genres of music are covered at the camp?

    What genres of music are covered in NYC? All of them. Pop, Hip Hop, Indie Alternative and even Country sessions take place at Anti Social Camp. No genre is off limits.

  • How are the collaborations configured?

    Each session contains an artist, songwriter and producer. There is no brief except writing the next hit single for the artist in the room. Our A&R team carefully curates each of the 100+ sessions. They listen carefully to the music of each participant, and group creators based on style and experience.

  • What should I bring with me to the camp, and what will be provided?

    For recording sessions, we recommend bringing your laptop with a DAW of your choice. Even if you’re not a producer, it will be helpful in case you’re needed to drive the session. Each studio will provide instruments (guitars, keyboards), mics and vocal mics, playback monitors and adapters. Some studios may require you to download drivers, but in most cases, you’ll just need to plug in and push record.

    Please bring a set of swanky outfits for evening events, particularly the Anti Social Gala, which has an Evening Attire dress code. 

    And please prepare to provide your own meals. Certain events will provide food, which will be indicated in advance.


  • What is the cost of attending the camp?

    ZERO. There is no fee to attend Anti Social Camp. The festival and all its events are completely free for every creator and guest.

  • How do songwriting splits work at the camp?

    We are artists ourselves at the helm of Anti Social Camp — so we insist upon artist-friendly terms. That means splits are determined by the creators in the room and Anti Social Camp does not take a percentage. We encourage equal splits and will distribute split sheets to all participants, but ultimately it is at the discretion of the creators.