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How are the collaborations configured?

Each session contains an artist, songwriter and producer. There is no brief except writing the next hit single for the artist in the room. Our A&R team carefully curates each of the 100+ sessions. They listen carefully to the music of each participant, and group creators based on style and experience.

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What should I bring with me to the camp, and what will be provided?

For recording sessions, we recommend bringing your laptop with a DAW of your choice. Even if you’re not a producer, it will be helpful in case you’re needed to drive the session. Each studio will provide instruments (guitars, keyboards), mics and vocal mics, playback monitors and adapters. Some studios may require you to download drivers, but in most cases, you’ll just need to plug in and push record. Please bring a set of swanky outfits for evening events, particularly the Anti Social Gala, which has an Evening Attire dress code.  And please prepare to provide your own meals. Certain...

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How do songwriting splits work at the camp?

We are artists ourselves at the helm of Anti Social Camp — so we insist upon artist-friendly terms. That means splits are determined by the creators in the room and Anti Social Camp does not take a percentage. We encourage equal splits and will distribute split sheets to all participants, but ultimately it is at the discretion of the creators.

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